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This engageing display was captured using a Swarovski ATX 95, panasonic GX80 and digadapotor

The heron and Little Egret display contrasting fishing styles. While both will silently stalk their prey, the Little Egret will on occasions actively agitate the bottom with it’s feet to disturb it’s prey./p

Distinguishing Goosanders and Mergansers can be a problem. Males in breeding plumage present no difficulties but in the winter more subtle differences distinguish the two species.
The Goosander has a much more clearly defined collar line between head and neck, has a white chin, a slightly hooked bill and the white wing patch generally lacks the black bars seen in the merganser.

This short video appears to demonstrate the lack of black bars on the wing patch of the Goosander and slightly more ragged crest on the Merganser.
However, what is perplexing is that both clips were shot within a few hours of each other on the same part of Budle Bay. Mixed flocks do occur but misidentification always needs to be considered a possibility.

Sparrowhawks are increasingly frequent garden visitors, perhaps attracted by the proliferation of garden bird feeding stations. This adult male was filmed through the kitchen window which has affected image quality.

I had hoped to capture images of a starling enjoying the birdbath. Subsequent events exceeded my expectations

Sanderlings filmed from the promenade at Saltburn.

An Oystercatcher ensuring nothing is left.

Image of razorbill and puffin captured at Bempton Cliffs.